Domaine de Lokobe, Hotel ***+, Bungalows Lodge, Nosy Be

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Nosy Be Island which is situated on the North West coast of Madagascar, in SAKALAVA country, presents you with the natural reserve of Lokobe.
carte-domaine-lokobe foret-de-lokobe hotel-bungalows-nosy-be banc-sable-lokobe
To be able to visit the beautiful reserve, one must take a short boat ride and once on land you will be exposed to the idyllic and enchantress “Domaine de LOKOBE***+”.
Domaine de LOKOBE ***+

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In one of the last paradises on earth, where on a daily basis you are exposed to the calmness of the bay, the bird songs, and the beautiful smell of the ylang-ylang. You will not be ready to forget your vacation in Lokobe.